Friday, November 26, 2010

Status Quo

Blog central took another field trip to the ICU today and things are pretty much the same, which is to say that RJ is getting better slowly. He looks great without the breathing tube and the room is so much quieter without the swish of the machine. The doctors are trying to unhook him from anything invasive and have removed as many IVs and tubes as possible to lessen the chance of infection.

Today was the third day of a four day chemo regimin and he's still pretty sick from that. While he can talk now, he prefers to stay pretty still and quiet. His pain seems to be managed pretty well and RJ spends most of the time sleeping or just quietly in his own space trying to get better. While he doesn't seem to need us in the room as much, he seems to like us there as long as we're quiet and don't bug him too much. Jessica is reading THE HUNGER GAMES to him and he really likes the sound of her voice to the point where he doesn't want anyone else reading to him. We've heard that these first two rounds of chemo are the toughest, and we're hoping that he'll get to have some good days in the weeks to come.

Thanks for all of the cards and letters. We're keeping them for RJ for the next week or two because we want him to be able to fully enjoy them - so keep them coming.


  1. Hi little family. Just a quick note of encouragement and love to y"all. I am thankful for modern medicine and good friends. warmest wishes, Sue McD

  2. Hey RJ!
    i am reading the hunger games too!!! it is such a great book!! good energy is coming out your way!! hope to see you soon!
    ~ciera <3

  3. those are the best books in the entire world!!!!!
    hope you get better really really really really really SOON! love ya
    -michala <3

  4. Hey RJ...We haven't seen you in a long time but Mark and I send our love and prayers. Mark has been in ICU's a couple of times. He knows exactly what that tube is like!!! SO GOOD to know you're finally free from that trap.

    Love and hugs,

    Brent and Mark