Monday, November 29, 2010

A Good Day!

First off, apologies to everyone for the lack of posting yesterday. Blog central relocated our headquarters and were without internet services all day.

Yesterday was a good day - probably the best day RJ has had since this whole thing started two weeks ago (amazing how much things can change in just two weeks). He woke up feeling good and Jessica took advantage of that by inviting people to visit. Although blog central was busy with the move, we sent one of RJs peers to the hospital and he reported that everything was 'awesome'. He was able to look at all of the cards and packages for the first time and really appreciated everything that you all sent him. Little things like a card or a note are real morale boosters and as the days and weeks drag on he's going to need little pick-me-ups more and more so keep it up! If you've been wanting to visit, contact Jessica and something can probably be arranged in the next week or so. There's a fine line between visiting and exhaustion, but having people around really seems to help keep the dark moods away.

One of the negative effects of the chemo that RJ is going through is the fact that his hair will probably fall out. He's decided not to cut his hair short before it happens, so he's going to just wait for it to come out on his own. I don't know - I think RJ will rock the bald, and I'm sure he'll get a new collection of great hats.

Word on the street is that the hospital is going to transfer him out of ICU and back to the regular ward in the next day or two - stay tuned and we promise to keep you posted.


  1. We are so glad to hear there was a bright day! I know that there will be many more to come. Jordan and I would love to come visit. I will send Jess a text and hope for a response. RJ keep it up! You are a warrior!
    Julie M

  2. Susan@Steele Lane...November 29, 2010 at 5:29 PM

    What a wonderful thing to read... that today was a good day. A little ray of sunshine like this is good for the soul. I hope tomorrow is "Good Day Number Two" !

  3. you have come a long way baby!! And by the way chicks dig bald guys! You amaze me every day when I come to see you. I feel empowered and motivated by your are definately my hero! Hope you and uncle Kev are having fun watching jackass!
    Auntie Sam xoxo

  4. good news makes me smile! i hope u stsrt 2 feel better really soon. love ya!
    hugsd and kisses
    -michala <3

  5. All of your cousins in WAshington state are pulling for you! WE are happy to hear how strong you are and how well you're doing! You are amazing!
    Love from Washington

  6. I have been following RJ's odissey after a good friend told me about it and I am so happy things are getting better. My son is almost two and I feel very near Jessica and RJ. You have good thoughts from here all day long

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