Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About the Same Today

Sometimes, 'about the same' needs to be interpreted as okay. We found out today that RJ's lung function and his kidney function are about the same as they were yesterday. The good news is that there has been no backsliding. The bad news is that means that the breathing tube isn't ready to come out just yet.

Jessica had a little 'baby moment' overnight when it looked like she might be going into labor. She spent a good part of the day downstairs in labor and delivery but when they found out that she wasn't in active labor, they sent her back upstairs to be with RJ. Nights continue to be difficult - RJ's distress level seems to get worse overnight and he only sleeps about an hour at a time. There is usually one other friend or family member with her there so that she can sleep in small increments. Because he is in the ICU, there is a pretty strict 2 visitor limit so at this point, not many people can come and say hello, despite the fact that RJ really loves having people around. As soon as he gets moved to a regular room he should be able to have more people come and visit. 

The big question in RJs mind has been "is it tomorrow yet?" He knows that every day they take X-rays and do tests to see if they can remove the breathing tube and wants to know if it's time to check yet. He's been asking what day it is so that he can calculate how long all of this has been going on. Jessica's friend Sharon made him a giant wall calendar so that every day can be marked off with a big X so that he'll know when it's tomorrow which looks like it's going to be a big help.

All of the Facebook and blog comments have been a real spirit lifter for everyone - keep them coming! Everyone has been asking if they can help, and right now there is something that Jessica and RJ need - someone to look after their dog for the next several weeks. Sophie is a medium sized short-haired dog, very friendly and loves to run around. Anyone who lives near them would be perfect. If you think you can help with this, please send an email to:

RJ and Jessica are now several days into this difficult journey, but remain as strong and positive as ever.


  1. hey RJ

    i think it was a really good idea for this blog to be created. i was happy when i saw the post 'a good news day'. i would like to hear how school has been going and stuff. do u still play the drums or saxaphone? i remember you playing one of those two. you know i would love to watch your dog but we cant and we have a 'rat dog'. hopefully you feel better fast!

    devin m.

  2. Good luck! I'm so so sorry that this is happening... it must be very hard, but everyone is praying for you and we know that you can get through it. Stay strong and get better soon, we all miss you