Saturday, November 27, 2010

Status Quo - Part II

Things are pretty much the same today - RJ had his last dose of the four-day-straight chemo. He gets tomorrow off and then will have two more major doses on Monday and Tuesday. The good news is that after that, he'll have somewhere around 20 days with no chemo and the hope is that he can have some relief and start feeling better. He's really bummed about the whole thing and feeling cruddy and frankly, none of us can blame him.

There is a rumor that the doctors are thinking about moving him off the ICU and back to the regular pediatric ward. That, combined with the fact that he will hopefully start feeling better late next week may mean that people can come and say hello soon.

Our donation drive is going full force - we've had some amazing donations both through the blog and in the mail. Thanks to all of you, some of the financial worries that have been hanging over Jessica's head will be eased and you're making sure that RJ can sleep in his own bed as soon as he's ready.


  1. i hope i can come see you uber soooooooooon!!!!!!!! everyone misses you so much at practice!!!!feel better hugs and kisses
    -michala <3 xoxox

  2. Hiya RJ - Yes, I suspect you are feeling very cruddy. Just know that you have a ton of people wishing you were better! Thoughts are with you and your mom and baby sister. Have you been able to meet her yet? I bet she will make you smile! JT