Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late Day Update

True to the roller coaster metaphor, yesterday was a downer but today we're climbing back up. Blog central got to spend about an hour with RJ this morning and he looks more like the old RJ then he has since he got to the ICU. The swelling in his limbs and abdomen has gone way down and his color looks good - no more redness. One of the nurses said they had a 'spa day' yesterday and helped him clean up and combed his hair. We've heard several comments from staff that even though he is sleeping with tubes coming out of everywhere, they can see the RJ is one handsome guy. We concur.

Now that he is back on the 'old' ventilator, RJ is doing most of the work breathing which is a lot harder than it sounds at this point. He started a new round of chemo today and word on the street is that it will run for four days. We always thought that 'chemo' would be a special bag of medicine delivered on a silver platter and administered with much fanfare, but in reality it is a bunch of little bags of different medicine delivered over time without so much as a salute.

We don't want to jinx anything (and we here at blog central are nothing if not superstitious) but we heard it directly from a doctor that if the chemo that he began to get today doesn't mess up his system, the breathing tube might be able to come out very soon. That is what RJ has wanted for so long that it's hard not to get excited over the mere thought. RJ has managed to get to a good place with all of this - when he's awake, he's really calm and just wants people to sit with him, and he spends a good deal of time asleep and allowing his body to get better.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. While you're sitting down to turkey and pie with your loved ones, make sure you hug them extra hard. We've seen firsthand how quickly an ordinary life can change.


  1. L left a voicemail for Chris Smith, a local Press Democrat columnist about R.J. If anyone knows him, this would help and more voices to him could help. Just call the Press Democrat and they will plug you into his voicemail. The more we grow our circle, the stronger the vibration of healing.
    Love to all, Shelaara

  2. RJ,
    it seems like just yesterday i was at the pool having a laugh attack with you, its SO true how things can change really fast. i know your gonna get through this and i love you.
    hey Jessica if there's anything i can do for you please let me know and ill do my best.
    hugs and kisses
    -Michala <3 <3 <3

  3. Thinking of everyone , glad to hear things are looking up , still praying for everyone !

  4. glad that things are getting better. i am planing a fund raiser to help you guys. it takes alot of planning but it will happen. i will update you when i am further along on the process.
    p.s. you can beat this i have faith in you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving
    I hope you guys find some peace today :)

  6. RJ We are all praying for you. I know you will kick this cancers a$$! Jordan is always asking about you and would love to come see you, even if its just to be near you. We love you and hope you get to come home soon.
    Jessica, I have to say life certainly does have a way of changing in a heartbeat. I am here for you if not physically but in spirit. I check for updates constantly. I am so happy to hear there is a glimmer of good news. I hope it will manifest into a true reality. I hope "CJ" is doing well. Big hugs going your way. I am thankful to have you all in my life.
    Julie Markham