Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One More Piece of Good News!!!!

We just got a phone call here at blog central that RJ's bone marrow is clear which is SUPER GOOD NEWS! They've officially diagnosed it at Stage 3, which is an upgrade from the expected Stage 4 diagnosis. Keep the positive energy flowing!


  1. hey RJ,

    i already commented and it says that it didnt go up so sorry if you get two. anyways what i had said was im really sorry your sick. i know they are only a few words but i say them with a lot of meaning. i would like to hear how you like the 8th grade so far and do u still play the drums? hope you get better fast! and i think it was a good idea for whoever to make this blog. its goood that the last 3/4 post seem to be really good news. get better!

    devin m.

  2. RJ
    I'm uber happy that what i just read is good news! i hope you get betttttttttterrrr reeeeaaalllllyyyy sooooooon!!!!
    i love u bro!!!

  3. RJ, you and your Mom and whole family are in our prayers...I check your blog several times a day looking for good news..glad to see that you are holding your own...hang in there's all gonna get better soon! And it looks like your little sister is getting anxious to come and see you....Wow!
    Talk to you later
    Ruthie Turner

  4. Great news, I hope improvement keeps on happening!

  5. Oh this makes me so happy! RJ, you gotta lot of people sendin' good vibes your way. I bought some DR. Pepper chapstick in your honor!
    --Katie G.

  6. RJ, Jessica & Pat you are in my families thoughts and prayers... We wish RJ a quick recovery!!!

    God Bless You all!
    The Yeoman & Stowers Family

    Crissi,Jody,Tyler,Madison Stowers & Patti & Kyle Yeoman

  7. Heather martin RobinsonNovember 21, 2010 at 12:29 AM

    Your cousins from Washington state are sending all our love and strength your way! We wish you a speedy recovery and all the courage you'll need to get through this time. You are all amazing for staying so positive and grateful!