Friday, November 19, 2010

A Rough 24 Hours

And here we go on the roller coaster that the oncologist promised us. Last night was very difficult - RJ was agitated and his lung function was deteriorating. Because of that, he didn't really sleep at all. Twice they had to remove him from the respirator and 'bag' him to try to get some more oxygen into his body.

Mid morning, the doctors did a bronchioscope (sp?), looking down into his lungs and hoping to clear them, but there wasn't much mucus to bring up. The thinking is that he probably has a lung infection and they're waiting for tests to come back before they can start him on the proper medication. Every time RJ woke from sedation, panic would fill his eyes and we had to tell him all over again what was happening. The agitation was making his oxygen saturation numbers plummet as his physical panic and being intubated had him physically working against the respirator. About 1pm, the decision was made to keep him under deep sedation for the next several days so that both his mind and his body have a chance to rest and recover. As soon as he was settled in sleep, his oxygen saturation reached really good numbers and we're hoping that they'll stay that way.

On the bright side (and we here at blog central must always look for a bright side), his kidney function is improving in a big way and his other numbers are going in the right direction. If we can only get his lungs to heal, we'll be on our way. Because RJ is sleeping, he won't be able to read your comments, but Jessica and her family are keeping track of everyone's good wishes so please keep leaving them. And as soon as he wakes up, RJ will be reading all of the back entries on the blog.

This is the support board that RJ will see when he does wake up:

 Your cards and pictures really brighten up the room. 


  1. Dear R.J. and Jessica,
    We've been thinking about you every day. RJ We know that right now you are like a bear in hibernation and that when you wake up, you'll be on the lookout for something tasty to eat! Meanwhile Lehla has been making them swim killer long sets and it's raining. Sarah and Robert and I send our love. Stay strong,
    xxoxoxThe Poplacks

  2. Susan@Steele Lane...November 19, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    Hi Jessica. We're here and we're so thankful for the blog. I don't know who the voice of the blog is, but they are doing a wonderful job- thanks.
    It was hard to hear that RJ had a rough 24 hours. I know the rest he's having now will be very helpful. I hope you are able to rest too. You are in good hands there, surrounded by caring people. I will keep reading each blog as it comes in. I am signing off with a big hug for you.

  3. Hey everyone here is a picture of Sofie today we found that Sofie has an infection in her paw and she is now on antibiotics she is doing well but i can tell that she somehow knows what is going on. She is having fun playing ball. Sofie sends here kisses and wish for a speedy recovery.


  4. hey guys more mental strength coming your way! Stay strong and amazing things WILL happen, i pinkie promise!!!! LOVE U FOREVER!
    -Michala <3 <3 <3<3

  5. Jessica - I was just shocked to hear of RJ's illness. Haven't seen you for quite awhile (so long that I didn't know you were having a baby -- congratulations.) I don't think our guys cross paths too often, however Colby was truly moved hearing about R.J. -- and talks of him often.
    RJ, I'm so glad you're resting and sleeping now -- so you can awaken when things are better and you feel much better.
    I know that God is very close to you both, even when you may not be able to feel her... she's in each caring person who comes your way, and at those times when things slow down and all the questions and fears arise. Many prayers are holding you both in holy, healing light.
    In solidarity and with love,
    Vicki Mayster

  6. First, huge hugs to Jessica! Hard times but you are strong - and sweet hugs to RJ as he sleeps and regains his life. Hugs to Alex too for taking care of Sofie - If it is the Alex I think it is , Sofie is in great hands. Alex is a great kid and I am really liking getting to know him this year. And YES!, kudos to the voice of the blog! Who are you? You are a terrific writer - your words connect us all - thank you!
    RJ, we missed you at the dance last night - it was fun and many of your classmates were there - kids have created a great big card with wonderful messages for you when you wake up -- hang in there, kiddo - warmest wishes ever - JT

  7. I was thinking about RJ being in ICU, and how they have strict rules about visiting. With RJ and his friends having technology so amazing, what about posting a blog request for VIDEO well wishes and hellos from everyone? Maybe the doctors would allow a laptop for occasional viewing for inspiration? I know the best medicine is the "army of support" for all of you.
    You are all in my thoughts, I am just another anonymous person who has heard about RJ's challenge and hopes for a speedy and complete recovery so the family can be together at home.

  8. That's a great idea Brenda - as soon as RJ comes out of sedation we'll look into getting some video cards. He does have a laptop, but he's not able to use it right now.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. R.J.
    life is not the same without you!!!
    Your very strong and win this fight!!


  10. To friends of RJ - the kids in his class were asking about Skyping him - maybe eventually that could be arranged? JT

  11. A Skype visit is a great idea. Hard to say when that would be able to happen - it may be weeks before he is able to get online again, but we'll keep you posted.

  12. I am grateful you can hibernate for a bit. May your close ones also rest.. baby sister will be coming and all of the love will hold all of you and your bodies need to be nourished. It is time for this cancer to realise it has made a mistake in trying to live in you. It needs to return to Spirit and be healed. You, RJ, are a boy and not a host for this disease. You, RJ, are a survivor.I join with all in love of you, mom, baby and Bam and all of your family. Shelaara

  13. We are behind you RJ. We hope that you will have a speedy recovery. Jessica...hang in there momma.

    CJ, Ricky, Jasmine, and Jim.

  14. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!Maybe I'll get to see you when your feeling better!

    Danielle R =)