Monday, February 21, 2011

The 'No News is Good News' Post

So it looks like this is how it's going to be - periodic posts telling you that everything is going well and there's no big news. After the last few months, we'll take it.

RJ finished chemo two weeks ago, and he's handled it well so far. He did have to get a series of blood transfusions at the end of last week because his counts were off, but that is something everyone has been waiting for all along. In fact, when they went to the local hospital to get it done, one of the nurses was amazed that he had already finished chemo and this was the first time they were seeing him. He seems to feel better and stronger every day, even going bowling over the weekend. Despite a valiant effort on RJ's part, Karen ended up beating everyone with a personal best, but we here at blog central suspect that she cheated.

Things are starting to work into a routine and Jessica is trying to get everyone out of the house at least once every day. RJ is going to start working with a tutor to catch up on eighth grade over the next few weeks and he may end up going to classes half days before the school year is out. Baby Courtney is scheduled to get her lip repair soon, and blog central is selfishly glad because we miss having them around, although everyone agrees that it is going to be so different to see her without the adorable cleft.

We'll keep you posted as often as we can, so check back periodically for any news.

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  1. From Bev @ Steele Lane...I LOVE LOVE LOVE NO NEWS!!! Keep it going! Jessie, spring break is coming up. I'd like to take a run out your way if you don't mind. Lemme know!