Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Big Chihuahua

So the good news is....drumroll please...RJ is DONE with chemo! The not so good news is that he's still in the hospital :( His kidneys took a real hit this time and it's taking a long time to get the chemicals washed through his system. We're hoping he'll be out by Thursday, but right now it's just a wait and see.

In order to clear out his blood, he needs to drink lots of fluids. In the spirit of liquid medicine, his friend Julia brought him an Icee on Superbowl Sunday. Jessica and yours truly took the opportunity to walk around the block and get some air on such a gorgeous day. When we came back, the anxiety level in the room was high and RJ was clumped under all of his covers. It seems that he got a huge case of the shivers while we were gone, sending the nursing staff into overdrive as they thought he was crashing. Seems that someone should have informed everyone that RJ always gets the shivers when he drinks something really cold. Once everything calmed down, it was kind of funny - as one nurse said, "It would have been something to call a code blue due to Icee ingestion."

Julia publicly termed him the shivering chihuahua and blog central and everyone present agreed that that was the enduring image of the day.

Despite being cooped up in the hospital, he's feeling pretty good. Physically that is. Mentally, he is bored. A recent quote: "If the cancer doesn't kill you in here, you'll die of boredom." We're trying to keep his spirits up for the next day or two until he's sprung, so if you have a minute, go hassle him over on Facebook.


  1. Wish you could stop by the BHS dance on Friday night, RJ! SO glad to hear that the chemo portion is out of the way! Can't wait to have you back having lunch every day on the REACH quad! JT

  2. Still keeping track of you, though you don't know me. Keep fighting the baddies!

    bev @ Steele Lane!