Monday, March 21, 2011

He Meant to do That

RJ continues to do well - no more meds, no more chemo and just check ups and check ins to make sure everything stays okay. It's so amazing how much has changed in just a few months. He even needed a haircut! Thanks to the magic of Auntie Sam and her bowl of bleach, he has a 'do' that looks like he meant to do it and not something that was a default chemo design. He has tutors right now and there is talk of him returning to school part time - surprisingly, he's on board with all of that. We think all the sitting around bored has gotten him to a point where even school is looking good.

In other news, Courtney had her lip repair surgery last week! The first few days were rough, but she bounced back like a champ and is once again the smiley baby we all know and love. The tape and stitches should come off within a week or two and we'll post a photo as soon as
we can. Courtney has always been a beautiful baby, and it's going to be so different to see the repair once it's all healed.

Posts here are going to be on an 'as needed' basis, and hopefully they won't be needed too often. We here at Blog Central want to thank everyone who commented, donated and supported Jessica, RJ and Courtney as they went through such a horrible and amazing time. The money that was raised through the blog and local fundraisers has gone to pay bills while Jessica wasn't working, assisted them in daily living expenses and has been set aside for copays and medication expenses - they really couldn't have done it without all of you. Money aside, all of the hundreds (and we do mean hundreds) of cards and letters of support were incredibly valuable in keeping their spirits up and sense of community intact.

Thanks for stopping by and the Romeros hope to see you around town soon!

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