Monday, January 10, 2011

RJ Goes to the MRI

So RJ got to go on a trip today. He needed an MRI to check on the cause of his headaches and the nearest MRI machine was in the next building.

So...he went by ambulance.

They loaded him up, drove the 100 or so feet to the driveway next door,unloaded him and took him up to the MRI.

RJ got a nice change of scene and it was an interesting adventure for all.

(We put this older picture of RJ and Gypsy in just because it's cute.)


  1. sounds like an adventure!!!!!!! i bet it was interesting too. love ya hun!<3
    hugs and kisses
    -Michala <3<3<3

  2. Me oh my. BIGGGGGG ride to the MRI! I bet it was equally as exciting to return! Did they run the sirens too! Sheeesh!

    bev from Steele Lane