Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Even Better

Blog central got to see RJ for the first time in a few days and we couldn't believe the difference yesterday. When we arrived, he was sitting up in a chair talking normally and the amount of tubes he's hooked up to has been reduced by about 75%. He'd had a few bites of burrito for lunch and is moving on to other solid foods. Right now he's not restricted at all in what he can eat, but apparently there is a time during chemo when his immune system will get really low and he won't be allowed to eat any fresh fruits and vegetables or anything with a high likelihood of bacteria because he can't fight infection as well. We don't think this restriction will extend to burritos. Or Dr. Pepper.

We left one of our junior blog central members with RJ to watch a movie (actually, as we recall, the boys encouraged us to leave) and went for a walk on Piedmont Ave. with Jessica and Courtney. We haven't mentioned the baby recently, but she is just awesome and makes us wish we were younger so we could have another baby. She is nursing just fine, although her timing is typical of that of a ten day old baby. Wanting to nurse when you're out in the cold of Piedmont Avenue - of course. Nursing when you're in a rocking chair in a warm, comfortable room - not so much.

PS - Paloma, we blocked your comment yesterday because we really want to be careful about giving out private information on a public blog. If you see this, email me at Thanks!


  1. RJ

    That's great news that you're sitting up and feeling better, and able to eat some of a burrito! Bet it tasted great. Keep up the good work.

    Your friend,


    PS: I'm a Pepper too!

  2. RJ you rock my socks (haha) keep getting better!
    i love you!!!!!!
    -Michala <3

  3. I posted earlier as Anonymous with my son Scott and I just wanted to say to Jessica, you are doing a wonderful job. It is very hard on a child to have to go through what RJ is going through, but is is equally difficult for a mom to watch her child try to deal with everything. It is scary and I just remember thinking, this is what happens to people you read about. How is this happening to us? All I wanted to do is curl up in the bed next to Scott and hold him forever and never let him go. We support you too Jessica.

  4. Checking every day. So thrilled to hear the good news. Still saying prayers!

  5. great to hear about these shifts of treatment and ability...thinking about you daily.

  6. Outstanding to see improvement daily!! Yeay!!

  7. Hey you don't know me but i go to school with R.J. and i know about the raffle that R.J.'s mom is doing and we had a tree lighting thingy tonight in the Sebastopol Plaza and i brought the raffle tickets and sold three of them and got a four dollar donation. we raised nineteen dollars so far and i'm also going to a Rotary club meeting tomorrow and i will be selling a whole bunch more. I also want to say that R.J i don't know you that well but i miss you like a brother that went off to war. So come home safe and well. WE MISS YOU R.J

  8. Yay for RJ (and Jessica and Courtney)! So happy to hear the days are getting more comfortable. Thinking of you all often and sending loving, healing prayers.
    Kathleen and family

  9. Well its me again and i would like to say that we raised $124 Friday the 3rd of December. So I hope that can go some where that can hepl Courtney and R.J. and Jessica. We all will be praying for you. We love you all. Come home safe and sound.